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It's still going to be some time before we get to seeThor: Ragnarok hit theaters. However, if a recent rumor becomes reality, Cate Blanchett just might be the person to make the wait for the franchise's second sequel that much more painful.

Sources within the production have put out the word that Blanchett, who received a Golden Globes nomination for her work in Todd Hayne's Carol, is in talks with Marvel to play a prominent female role. While Variety doesn't have much more information about Blanchett's prospective role in the second Thor sequel, we're hoping that she just might be the baddie we've been looking for.

Looking back at Marvel's casting patterns, big ticket actors are usually reserved for either a franchise leading character or a figure that may or may not recur throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Again, the whispers of a female villain in the latest outing of Asgardian political drama have us pulling for Cate Blanchett to play the heel. The opportunity is there, and Blanchett's chops as a cinematic heavy are definitely developed enough that we'd whole-heartedly sign on for her wielding unlimited power.

Seeing as she played the role of the evil stepmother so perfectly in this year's utterly charming, Cinderella, we could just throw that into the open and call it a day. Even her performance as Irina Spalko, the deliciously evil Russian colonel from the otherwise subpar Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull was just evil enough to keep us interested and invested. But there's one moment from Blanchett's career that has us convinced she could be a figure of Norse fire and brimstone, and it's not even from a villainous performance. You Lord Of The Rings fans should see where we're going here, but just in case we've included the video we're talking about below.

Of course, this is all smoke from the Shire, considering that Cate Blanchett isn't even confirmed to be participating in Thor: Ragnarok, and no role has been specifically mentioned. Whether she plays for the forces of good or evil, the fact that we're even talking about her possibly starring in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is something spectacular. Considering the top draw talent that the MCU continues to draw into its orbit, Blanchett's negotiations have us hopeful that even more of our favorite actors find a chance to have some fun and don ridiculously awesome costumes in the process.

Thor: Ragnarok is preparing for battle on November 3, 2017.