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With David Gordon Green’s next film Your Highness about to hit theaters April 8th, Universal has distributed three new character posters across the web; you can see small versions of all three below.

The first comes from JoBlo who were handed a poster showing off James Franco and his flowing locks as Fabious, on a quest to save his kidnapped bride. Franco seems to have been perfect for the role in Your Highness, so dedicated to the highness part of the title that his performance carried over into the Oscars a few weeks ago. Genius acting.

Next is a shot of Danny McBride from MovieFone, looking exactly as you’d expect Danny McBride to look if you found him on any normal day of his life. McBride plays Thadeous, Fabious’ idiot brother. And wrapping up the collection is the lovely Academy Award winner Natalie Portman looking “Mighty Fine” as the poster from IGN so eloquently puts it. Portman’s Isabel helps the brothers on their quest to save Fabious’ bride-to-be (Zooey Deschanel).

These are character posters that will probably sell, except maybe Franco’s. McBride will appear on stoner’s walls the world over because they’ll say, “Ahyuck! He’s smoking drugs. He’s cool like us” and Portman with that look on her face and that much cleavage will definitely find its way into fan boy and teenager bedrooms, and with good reason. Click on each of them below to find the full-size versions at the sites where they premiered.