Tom Cruise Gets Drenched Accepting Pan Cast's Ice Bucket Challenge

2014 is evidently the summer of the Ice Bucket Challenge -- an effort to raise money and awareness for ALS -- and the trend has very clearly spread to movie sets. In the video above, Tom Cruise and Mission: Impossible 5 director Christopher McQuarrie are accepting the Pan cast's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on behalf of the cast of MI5. And if you haven't seen it already, here's the Pan cast's challenge to them:

Hugh Jackman shaved his head for his Pan role, what's a little bit of ice water for a good cause? The Pan cast challenged Tom Cruise and the entire cast of Mission: Impossible 5, Oscar Isaac and the cast of Star Wars, and talent agency William Morris Endeavor. Tom Cruise and Mission: Impossible 5 director Chris McQuarrie accepted the challenge, and in absence of the rest of the cast, Cruise and the director took multiple buckets of water.

"How much more?!"

Funny stuff! We haven't seen a response from the cast of Star Wars floating around out there yet, but we do know that director J.J. Abrams has already done an ALS Ice Bucket in response to Steven Spielberg's challenge. You can watch that one here. And on and on it goes.

Also ongoing is the filming of Pan, which is in production in the U.K. Joe Wright's live-action take on the classic story will star Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund, Levi Miller, Rooney Mara and Amanda Seyfried. Pan is expected to arrive in theaters July 2015.

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise and Chris McQuarrie's Ice Bucket Challenge video actually gives us a vague update on the status of Mission: Impossible 5, as McQuarrie notes, "As we're days away from shooting, the entire cast and crew are spread out over three continents." Late last month, Simon Pegg told us that MI5 production was set to get rolling on August 24, and that one of the locations they're shooting in is London. Beyond that, the latest update we had from the film came just the other day when Christopher McQuarrie confirmed that Ving Rhames was on board for the movie.

Watch Vin Diesel cover himself in ice here and even more celebrities doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Here. And check out J.J. Abrams' Ice Bucket Challenge video after the jump...

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