If you've been on Facebook or Twitter the past couple of weeks, you've likely been inundated by friends and family posting vids of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Of course, celebs have been getting in on the game too. So we've rounded up our favorites of these vids, toasting those who made their charity driving a joy to us all.

The rules of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge are essentially 1) Confess who nominated you 2) Dump a bucket of ice water over your head 3) Call out three people to take the challenge in the next 24 hours. 4) Donate money to The ALS Association, which is fighting to cure the world of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, A.K.A. Lou Gehrig's disease. Sources vary on whether dumping ice water on yourself excuses you from donating money, but it's a good cause. So regardless of the house rules, just do it if/when you are challenged.

Some of our favorite celebs have not only taken the challenge, but they brought their own spin to it. Here's our must-sees.

Tom Hiddleston
First up, The Avengers star and fangirl sex symbol Tom Hiddleston's video, which is awesome on three counts. 1) His wardrobe choice basically makes this a wet t-shirt contest where we all win. 2) He did in slo-mo to give us all time to savor his sacrifice (and abs). 3) He challenged fellow crushable stars Luke Evans and Benedict Cumberbatch. So he paid it forward, basically.

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