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Back on Tuesday a rumor began that Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, who haven't appeared on screen together since 1992's A Few Good Men, would co-star in El Presidente, a comedy from former Daily Show writer Dan Goor about a secret service agent (Cruise) who is charged to protect a bumbling ex-president (Nicholson). While the initial report said that only Cruise was attached while Nicholson was circling, it turns out that both sides of the story were wrong. Gossip Cop, which usually starts more rumors than it ends, has heard from representatives of both actors that they will not be involved with the project.

It's kind of a shame, really. The scene between they share in the Rob Reiner film is nothing short of iconic and the idea that they haven't spent more screen-time together is criminal. Then again, perhaps somebody will take notice and realize that people want to see these two in another film together. Sometimes all these things need is a little push.

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