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Tom Hiddleston And Rachel Weisz Hit The Dance Floor In First Clip From The Deep Blue Sea

Tom Hiddleston is having one hell of a breakout year. In addition to starring as the villain of one of the summer's biggest international blockbusters, 2011 marks the year that he worked with great directors such as Steven Spielberg (the upcoming War Horse), Woody Allen (Midnight in Paris) and Kenneth Branagh (Thor). And now he gets to slow dance with Rachel Weisz in Terence Davies' The Deep Blue Sea? It doesn't get better than that.

Don't be fooled: just because the title stars with "The" (a la The Final Destination) don't expect to see any genetically modified sharks in this film. Instead, the story is about a woman named Hester Collyer (Weisz), the wife of a judge, who begins having an affair with a Royal Air Force pilot (Hiddleston). Check out the first clip, via The Playlist, below.

The clip doesn't exactly inform us about the plot or other characters, but it's a beautiful moment with great lighting and music. The soundtrack does cut off abruptly at the end, suggesting that there's more to this scene than they want to show us at the moment, but for now this is pretty intriguing. The Deep Blue Sea is playing at the Toronto International Film Festival later this month (what movie isn't?), but doesn't yet have a US release date.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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