Tony Scott To Direct Mark Millar's Nemesis

Back in January, following the whole "Sam Raimi Booted Off Spider-Man" thing, a rumor emerged that the director would helm the film adaptation of Mark Millar's Nemisis, a comic about the world's greatest criminal who hunts down the world's greatest detectives. At first Millar denied the rumor before receiving an email that seemed to change his tune, and then offered that Guy Ritchie was possibly in the mix. Fast forward eight months and while neither of those names are directing the film, Millar did find one on the same level.

Bleeding Cool reports that Tony Scott has signed on to direct the adaptation with 20th Century Fox holding the distribution rights. Scott will also serve as a producer through his co-owned Scott Free production company. Scott will be given the responsibility of finding a writer to script the adaptation, but it will not be his next project as he chooses between Potsdamer Platz, Hell's Angels (an adaptation of the Hunter S. Thompson book) and The Associate.

Despite working off of an incredible premise (what if a Bruce Wayne-type character, with all of the resources in the world at his fingertips, decided to turn into The Joker instead of turning into Batman?), the first issues of the series have fell fairly flat, being both predictable and clunky. The series is still quite new, the third issue isn't out until September, so there is still plenty of time for everything to be turned around. If I had it my way, Scott would direct Potsdamer Platz, hand Hell's Angels to a director with a more positive contemporary record, and let Nemesis stay on hold while the story builds.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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