Part of putting together our end of year coverage here at Cinema Blend is recognizing trends that have emerged in film over the past twelve months. And undoubtedly, the movies of 2012 were overflowing with massive moustaches, billowing beards and even some eye-catching eyebrows. The hirsute casts of Lincoln and The Hobbit alone could have filled a three-year calendar for facial hair enthusiasts. So, we've picked some of the boldest facial hair statements on film for a very special top ten list.

#10 Jason Segel, The Five-Year Engagement
A surprising trend in movie makeup of 2012 was the depression beard. Christian Bale sported a wispy one in The Dark Knight Rises. Hugh Jackman donned a really gnarly one for Les Miserables, and Jason Segel's down and out chef grew this monstrosity for laughs in The Five-Year Engagement. Apparently few things convey pain quite as clearly as grossly unkempt facial hair.

#9 Robert Downey Jr., The Avengers
Tony Stark's goatee is a crucial part of Iron Man's iconography, and thankfully Downey pulls it off well. Hell, he pulls it off with serious swagger! The goatee makes Tony look like a modern-day buccaneer, which is fitting since he plays by his own rules, or not at all. Plus it adds to the devilish appeal and sets him even further apart from his greatest film foil, the always clean-shaven Captain America.

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