#9: Lawless
Based on the local legends that brewed about bootlegging brothers and folk heroes the Bondurants, Lawless offers some of the most beautiful but overlooked performances in a year spoiled for choice. Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain drew more attention for The Dark Knight Rises and Zero Dark Thirty respectively, but their chemistry and character work here is too haunting and scintillating to forget. He's the growling, cardigan-coated ringleader of the brawling Bondurants. She's a glamorous big city girl hiding from her past in his small town speakeasy. Their attraction is immediate, smoldering and deeply satisfying as its slow burn romance builds to a climax where Chastain's strong, sensual, and fully nude heroine crosses from her room to Hardy's bed with a confidence that is cool and hot all at once. But it's the pivotal moment where the two fight before a shootout showdown that is one of the best scenes of the year.

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