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Tracy Morgan has been spending months on the sidelines since the highway collision that almost cost him his life back in June 2014, but now the comedian has decided that the upcoming feature Fist Fight will be his big return to the big screen. It’s a major addition to the cast of the film, which also happens to be putting together an impressive ensemble of stars. All in all, it suggests that it may be pretty much impossible for the movie to not bring the funny.

The Wrap were the first to confirm that Morgan is in talks to star in the already impressive sounding Fist Fight. I know what you’re thinking: surely no cast can be that strong. Well, the posse of actors that have joined together for the movie really is that impressive; so impressive that we’ve crafted the rundown below:

You can’t help but love Charlie Day. Having excelled in each and every season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Day has now become a big screen commodity thanks to Horrible Bosses, Horrible Bosses 2, The LEGO Movie, and Pacific Rim. Because of this success he has now been tasked with leading Fist Fight, a film that’s being directed by Richie Keen. In the film, Day plays a mild-mannered teacher who gets himself into a kerfuffle with a more intimidating educator - who then challenges our protagonist to the titular combat. But what makes the film sound so intriguing is just who Day is going up against…

I’m going to put it out there and predict that if Charlie Day and Ice Cube actually did get into a fist fight, then the N.W.A. member would easily wipe the floor with his rival. But, since this is Hollywood, I’m not actually sure who will come out on top. Cube plays a much tougher teacher that winds up being infuriated by Day, and I’m already convinced that their dynamic will be spectacular.

At this point we’re still not too sure who Tracy Morgan will be playing in Fist Fight. I’m going to predict that he will be a teacher that is in between the pair as the dispute escalates. But even if he plays an incontinent janitor, I’m still just overjoyed to see him returning to big-screen fun. Morgan was last seen in Chris Rock’s impressive Top Five, while he has also appeared opposite Ice Cube in both First Sunday and Are We There Yet? Neither of which quite matched his career-defining turn in 30 Rock, though.

While we might not know who Tracy Morgan is playing in Fist Fight, it’s already been announced that Dean Norris, who most of you will recognize as DEA agent Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad, will be playing the school’s principal in the comedy. Fingers crossed that he’ll get involved in the bout at some point, because while Charlie Day will easily get decimated by Ice Cube, I think a Dean Norris fight with the rapper would be much more unpredictable.

Another reason to be excited about Fist Fight is the presence of the always hilarious and scene-stealing Jillian Bell, who will be playing a guidance counsellor. Like Charlie Day, Bell made her presence known on TV with Workaholics, but has now firmly established herself on the big-screen thanks to her performance in 22 Jump Street . She’s even turned into a stalwart of Paul Thomas Anderson’s work, having appeared in both The Master and Inherent Vice.

Production on Fist Fight is due to begin later this month in Georgia, but we’re still waiting for confirmation on when it will hit cinemas. Fingers crossed it will be at some point in 2016.

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