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The concept of "Based on a True Story" is a staple of the horror genre. Whether it's completely bogus (like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) or kinda-sorta for real (like The Amityville Horror), there's something about a horror film's events happening in reality that adds a certain extra level of creepiness. Certainly elements are heightened for dramatic purposes in even the true ones, and all skeptics will deny it as bunk anyway, but it's still a part of the genre history. And it's one that the latest trailer for James Wan's The Conjuring, which comes to us via Apple, rests on pretty heavily.

Based on one of the paranormal activity cases investigated by husband and wife duo Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga), the film tells the terrifying story of the Perron family. Back in the early '70s the ordinary family of five moved into what they thought was an ordinary farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island. Unfortunately, the home was actually touched by the spirit world in the worst way, haunted by a murder that happened years before. The longer the family stays in the house the worse the spirit gets, leading them to call on the Warrens for help.

While I appreciate the "Based on a True Story" ploy, I'm actually not a big fan of trailers like this. I get that it's cool to have first hand accounts, but it kind of kills the atmosphere of the scary movie when you cut away to a bunch of people sitting comfortably in the sun. You're sacrificing the scary trailer for a marketing ploy and it kills the mood. I much prefer the last trailer for movie, which you can watch below.

In addition to Wilson and Farmiga, the movie also stars Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor as the heads of the Perron household as well as Joey King (White House Down), Mackenzie Foy (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn), Shanley Caswell, Haley McFarland, Kyla Deaver, and Sterling Jerins co-stars. If you want to read more about the film, be sure to check out our own Katey Rich's set visit report as well as her interview with Wilson. New Line Cinema will be distributing the film and releasing it in theaters around the country on July 19th.

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