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Transformers: Age Of Extinction Concept Art Shows Dinobot Battles, New Look At Galvatron

As Transformers: Age Of Extinction brings its huge 2014 run to a close with its Home Video release, it's time to start looking a little closer at what went into the film's production. It's this sort of thirst for behind the scenes content that fuels studios in their selection of what materials to include on the physical release of a blockbuster film such as this, and from what we've heard about Transformers: Age Of Extinction, the latest in Michael Bay's Transformers series is no slouch.

Collider has gotten a look at some exclusive concept art that is part of the Transformers: Age Of Extinction special features, showcasing everything from the film's climatic Dinobot battle to Galvatron himself! What's most interesting about these concepts is how different some of them are from what was actually in the film itself. For instance, take a look at the design of the Knight Ship that Lockdown used in his quest to capture Optimus Prime.

Knight Ship

This concept shows, for lack of a better term, a "cleaner" version of the ship. As you'll remember, the final version in Transformers: Age Of Extinction is more aged with darker lighting and a lot of steam pouring out of different openings. Another concept that's also vastly different from its film counterpart is the KSI silo where Stanley Tucci's Joshua is seen building the sinister (and extremely Megatron looking) Galvatron. Looking at the concept art below, it takes on an almost disused/converted look to its interior.


But looking at it in the finished film, the Silo looks more like the sterile lab space that you would expect a company parodying Apple to possess. Speaking of Galvatron, take a look at this close up view of his facial features.


Fun fact: that concept came with the note, "meaner eyes," denoted at the bottom. Judging by how mean those eyes look in the incarnation on display, that kind of makes you wonder how any creature based on Megatron could have anything but mean eyes. (It also has us thinking about the "angry eyes" scenes from Toy Story 2, but that's not important right now.)

Concept art is always a fun special feature to include in a film's extras package, especially when it's as design heavy as a summer blockbuster of Transformers: Age Of Extinction's stature. With over 3 hours of special features (at least, that's what we were told by Peter Cullen when we interviewed him), it looks like there will be lots for fans to comb over in the bonus features.

We now leave you with a look at what's probably one of the most exciting parts of the film, the huge Dinobot assisted battle towards the end of the film in Hong Kong!


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