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We should have seen this coming. Twilight fans have completed the transition from crazy, creepy, panty-waving grannies into an angry, violent, mob. Serenity fans, you have just been supplanted as fandom’s most embarrassingly over the top fan group. At least you never hurt any little kids, except your own, whom you humiliated when you forced her to spend Halloween dressed as River, even though she wanted to go as Hannah Montana.

According to reports from all around the web, things turned ugly at a Twilight fan event in San Francisco. Roughly 3,000 Twilighties showed up at the Stonestown Galleria mall this morning to see the film’s vampire star Robert Pattinson. The crowd was ten times bigger than expected… and quickly got completely out of control. TMZ describes it as turning into a “mob scene”, in which things eventually got so wild that kids were being crushed by the pushing throng. There’s at least one report of a girl with a bloodied, broken nose. The event was soon cancelled.

Comments left by attendees at the fan site Twilight Lexicon Blog describe the scene as crazy, chaotic, ridiculous. Says one Twilighter, “People got mobbed and run over, pushed up against the windows, it was crazy.” Some attendees seem to be blaming the event organizers for not being prepared for such a large crowd, but many seem to think that badly behaved fans are to blame. Says one attendee: “I completely blame the fans for this cancellation. Everything would have worked out smoothing if these annoying teenage girls would only listen.” Says another, “I heard they canceled it because people at the front were refusing to stand in a line. Idiots. Thanks to them they ruined everything.”

I’ve been to fan events where bigger than expected crowds showed up. In most cases, those fans were able to bond together over their shared love of whatever it was they were there for, and keep things cool. In fact, one of the real joys of going to fan events like these is usually how friendly and well behaved everyone is, with or without security guards playing nanny. Apparently this is not true of Twilight fans. There’s another Twilight event tomorrow, Tuesday, in Dallas. Will there be riots? Parents with small children: consider staying home.