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Tyler Perry's Madea Joins The Cast Of Jersey Shore

I get the feeling that Tyler Perry’s Madea character may not have been all that different from Snooki in her younger days. So I guess it makes sense that in their latest promotional effort, Tyler Perry has gone ahead and turned Madea into the Jersey Shore’s second most famous person/criminal/character.

Here’s a new poster for Madea’s Big Happy Family in which Madea has big happy hair and now seems to be starring in a reality show called Georgia Shore. I guess this makes Michael Jai White “The Situation”? Poor Michael Jai White.

In case you missed them, you can see all the previous Madea parody posters in which she’s inserted into The Brady Bunch, The Godfather, Black Swan, True Grit, and The King’s Speech (for reasons we may never fully understand) right here.