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Depressing non-news for you ‘Veronica Mars’ fans still pissing and moaning about the show’s premature cancellation by the CW network. The show has no future, either on TV or in movies, or anywhere else except a shelf in your closet where you’ll keep the DVDs.

MTV recently spoke to ‘Veronica’ star Kristen Bell, and she offered absolutely no hope for cinematic adventures featuring the character. She says, “There is no future, unfortunately.” Not that anyone thought there was, but just in case you had some sort of bizarre fantasy about the show becoming a movie, Bell has now officially crushed your dreams.

However, since she’s a pseudo celebrity and they have to say these sorts of things, Bell quickly contradicted herself and followed up the Mars movie question with, “There’s [rumored] talk of a movie one day. Maybe. Who knows? But] we haven’t even discussed it.” Don’t expect them to discuss it either. If the property can’t make it on the CW channel, there’s not much hope it’ll do better at the movies. Serenity’s box office flop has pretty much dispelled the notion that a small, extremely devoted fanbase can create a successful movie out of a cancelled television show. They’ve ruined it for Veronica and everyone else.

Kristen Bell of course, would be happy to do a movie even though one will never happen, depending she says, on how well she ages. I guess she doesn’t think fans want to see Veronica doing her own version of ‘Murder She Wrote’.