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Veronica Mars Is Set For Comic Con

With just three days left in its campaign, the Veronica Mars movie has more-than doubled its pledge goal and is less than 11,500 backers shy of breaking the all-time record for most supporters on a single Kickstarter project. There's a $1 pledge option, Marshmallows! Fans of the series who want in on the exclusive "backer only" updates need only to contribute a dollar of their money to this project. Series creator Rob Thomas has been great about offering updates on the campaign and the film since the Kickstarter page went live a month ago. Among tonight's updates comes word that they're coming to Comic Con in San Diego this July.

Veronica Mars being San Diego bound seems particularly fitting, considering the show was set in the fictional Neptune, California, which was said to be in the general area of San Diego. There's been talk about the possibility of Rob Thomas and some of the stars of the Veronica Mars movie going to Comic Con this year and hopefully showing fans some footage of the movie, which is expected to begin shooting this summer. Tonight, among the updates Rob Thomas offered Kickstarter backers was confirmation that they will be coming to Comic Con this year. Thomas offered no details on what's been planned, whether they're locked in for a panel or a booth or both, or who will be there, but he did promise to share more specifics tomorrow.

The prospect of Veronica Mars at Comic Con does inspire some interesting costume ideas. Like, perhaps, Veronica and Logan as Madonna and Tom Cruise for the "Total Eclipse of the Heart" dance. And wouldn't it be great to see a Vinnie Van Lowe fan sporting a stylish Members Only jacket?

Kelly West
Kelly West

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