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I always feel as if Christmas movies really need to do well in theaters to ever make it in the DVD world. If you think about it, most Christmas-themed movies roll out in November and are often forgotten about around the time Christmas rolls around. Then, the Christmas-themed movies are given the chance to pop onto Blu-Ray and DVD shelves in the bleak, cold months of January and February when money is tighter and what money people have will certainly not be spent on Christmas-themed DVDs. At least that’s my theory.

If this theory holds weight, then A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas doesn’t have the best chance of sticking around on Blu-Ray and DVD for future holiday seasons. Streeting in February, the set might do well with fans who have stuck with the franchise in the past and are interested in strange Christmas music and random claymation. However, I would argue once those fans have fulfilled their desire for copies, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas won’t have the lasting power that favorites A Christmas Story and even films like the more recent Elf have managed.

I guess we’ll find out when A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas hits 3D Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray, and DVD on February 7. If you did enjoy the film, the Blu-Ray set looks especially cool, with an extended version of the film included, along with several featurettes involving Thomas Lennon and claymation, as well as deleted scenes. If you're down, I'd recommend buying it with one of several gift cards you'll probably have left over from Christmas at that point. I'm sure watching these two clowns is exactly what your grandmother had in mind.

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