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New Video Points Out Just How Many Problems Are In Spectre

As a franchise, James Bond has a long, varied history over two-dozen movies. In the decades long saga of the world’s most famous spy (being a famous spy always seemed like a bad thing), there have been some great movies and there have been some total dogs. Following up Skyfall—which, in addition to being one of the best reviewed entries in the canon, also grossed more than $1 billion at the worldwide box office—was a harrowing feat that fell to the latest chapter, Spectre. While it still made $880 million dollars, which is nothing to shrug your shoulders at, the twenty-fourth James Bond movie was widely regarded as one of the iconic spies lesser efforts, and to drive that point home, it just got eviscerated in a new "Everything Wrong With…" video.

The latest endeavor from Cinema Sins, this video lights into Spectre with ruthless abandon, tearing it apart limb from finely styled limb. As is usually the case in these videos, this one is rather extensive, clocking in at roughly sixteen minutes—they’re nothing if not thorough and exhaustive in their efforts. And while there are quite a few legitimate gripes and complaints to be made about Spectre, there are also more than a couple of "sins" that fall on the more nitpicky side of things, which is to be expected.

Starting with that epic Day of the Dead scene set in Mexico City—which many have called one of the best James Bond opens in recent memory, even though, as this video correctly points out, that helicopter should have bitten the dust many, many times—Cinema Sins rips into Spectre. The movie does dive deep into some genre clichés, like Bond being told to stand down by a superior; we all know how that’s going to go in a spy movie. You’ve also got elements like overly complex schemes, mysterious code names, an equally mysterious post-death super secret mission that M gives to Bond from beyond the grave, and tons of random luck and convenient plot points that pop up along the way.

One thing Spectre does is try to create a direct link between all of the previous Daniel Craig Bond films, which this video also notes comes out more than a bit strained. But we do get a shot where James Bond, Voldemort from Harry Potter, and Moriarty from Sherlock in the same room, which is, admittedly, pretty awesome.

What do you think? Are most of Spectre’s sins justified, or is this video reaching? Sound off below.