Vin Diesel Is Ready To Pounce In New Riddick Set Photo

Lately the best source for Vin Diesel information has been … well, Diesel, himself. The Fast Five star is an open book of social media sharing, and while he posts infrequently (compared to, say, a number of movie bloggers), when he updates his status it's usually with something very cool for fans. His latest “gift” is an exclusive photo of himself in character as Riddick, from the set of the third Pitch Black film. It was pasted on his Facebook page, and we have it below:

As is usually the case, Diesel accompanies his photo with some cryptic poetry that might make more sense to die-hard followers. “Being king has it's perks... yet an alpha Furyan, must return to his primitive state... that animal side,” Diesel writes. “(low rumble) GRRRRR…”

Stay in character, thespian! Seriously, I admire Diesel’s ability to stay directly connected to his fan base with Facebook. He shared this image earlier in the month and as production has ramped up we’ve reported that Katee Sackhoff, Spanish actor Jordi Molla, Karl Urban and Broadway talent Nolan Funk have agreed to play along with writer/director David Twohey and his bald star.

We don’t know an official title as of yet and the plot details are being kept under wraps, though almost everything we’re hearing says Diesel and Twohey want to go back to the stripped-down basics of Pitch Black over the bigger-budgeted-but largely-empty spectacle of The Chronicles of Riddick. The thriller’s on the hook for a 2013 release date. If you’re a fan, keep watching Diesel’s Facebook page, and he’ll update you when he can, as will we.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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