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Voltron Movie Plans Nixed, New TV Series And Toy Line Planned Instead

There have been rumors of a Voltron movie bubbling since back in 2005. That's five years of studios trying to pull their heads out of their asses long enough to get the Mattel line its own live-action feature film. In that same period, Michael Bay has produced two Transformers movies and developed plans for a third. It's never really looked that promising for a Voltron movie, and now they are officially closing the book on it.

Variety says that while the robot team will be getting a new toy line and a series on Nicktoons, plans have officially been scrapped to bring them to theaters. According to Ted Koplar, the president of World Event Prods (the company that holds the rights), "It's an exciting way to introduce the brand to a generation that isn't familiar with Voltron."

I don't do this often, but I'm going to put on my Hollywood Producer Mentally hat for a second. Prior to their individual movies, neither Transformers nor G.I. Joe had the exposure of a television show immediately prior to their release, yet both well exceeded the $100 million mark of success. These are not the types of movies that need to build an audience before they can be successful. Kids like to watch robots wrestling, ninjas sword fighting, and shit getting blown to hell. This crap sells itself. Get a hack director, stuff some toys into a Kids Meal and release the damn movie. After that, if you still want to make more money (I assume you will), that's when you make the TV show.

Now I'm off to turn some of my action figures into other action figures. Excuse me.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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