Voltron Movie Resurrected

After the first Transformers movie made a bajillion dollars everyone rushed to snatch up similar 80s cartoon franchises and of course, Voltron was at the top of the list. A script was written by Justin Marks, the movie was ready to go, and then it fell straight into development hell. Now the second Transformers movie had made 10 bajillion dollars and there’s yet another rush to snatch up even more similar 80s cartoon franchises and of course, Voltron is back at the top of the list again.

Riskey Biz reports that the producers of Get Smart at Atlas Entertainment have picked the stalled project up from the Mark Gordon Company for development. It’s unclear whether the Justin Marks script which we reviewed here will still be used as a basis for the film. Actually it seems more likely to me that the Transformers cash-in fever will eventually die down, cooler heads will prevail, and the whole thing will sink back into development hell.

So if you’re not a huge 80s bred nerd, you’re probably wondering what the heck Voltron is. The film’s new producers say it’s “unlike other robotic action movies”, except of course it’s exactly like every other robotic action movie. In fact it’s exactly like Power Rangers, which had a run at feature films back in the 90s. Power Rangers is a blatant rip off of Voltron but unfortunately for Voltron, Power Rangers managed to get into the live action movie biz first.

If you’re looking for details, check out my in-depth, 07 review of the Justin Marks’ written Voltron script right here.

Josh Tyler