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Walt Disney Animation Confirms Plans For Marvel's Big Hero 6

Right after Marvel Studios and Disney announced plans for panels at San Diego Comic-Con, fans began speculating on projects the studios could tease. Iron Man 3 was an obvious selection, but the other guesses swirled around original efforts. Several sites confirmed an adaptation of the ensemble adventure Guardians of the Galaxy. And there were rumors of a second, animated effort that now are coming to fruition. says that Walt Disney Studios Animation officially is pairing with Marvel Studios to bring Big Hero 6 to the big screen. You are forgiven for possibly confusing Big Hero with The Avengers, as they also are a team of super-powered individuals united – this time by the Japanese government’s Giri group – to battle a massive foe. The group’s origins trace back to Alpha Flight, though they technically first appeared in the 1998 book Sunfire and the Big Hero 6.

Silver Samurai leads Big Hero 6, which also consists of Sunfire, Hiro, Honey Lemon, Baymax and Go-Go Tomago. Over the years, the group has been connected – both directly and indirectly – to recognizable heroes from the Marvel Universe like Spider-Man and Charles Xavier (as well as Xavier’s X-Men).

As EW speculates, this will be another test of the Marvel brand to see if the studio can sell audiences on lesser-known heroes. Because this will be an animated effort, though, the chances of an Avengers-level tie-in with, say, Andrew Garfield’s Spidey or Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine are impossible. But Marvel, at the very least, continues to expand its universe and build its brand. The animated Big Hero 6, according to reps, is in development. It might be some time before it’s ready for theatrical release. We’ll likely hear a lot more in San Diego next week, but fro now, fans of the title have reason to celebrate and possibly get excited.

Sean O'Connell

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