Screenwriter Brad Ingelsby continues to peddle clever ideas to interested studios. Years ago, he set up his first screenplay, The Low Dweller, with Leonardo DiCaprio attached. Needless to say, that hasn’t happened yet, but that didn’t stop Warner Bros. from plunking down a reported six figures for the rights to Ingelsby’s spec script, The All-Nighter.

What sounds like a teenage party movie actually involves an aging mobster who has to go after his former, criminal employers in an effort to protect his estranged son. Ingelsby’s story is contained to a single evening, according to Deadline, and eventually pits the former gangster against mob bosses and law enforcement agents as he engages in a fight for his freedom, and his life.

That could be a great part for a seasoned character actor. Or, they could hand it to Nicolas Cage and watch it go off the rails. We shall see which direction WB chooses to go. Either way, it confirms the fact that mobsters are becoming popular once again. AMC TV recently moved forward on a deal to bring Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas to the small screen as an ongoing series. And there’s still that John Gotti movie in development, with such A-list marquee names as John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Al Pacino waiting to tell the story of the infamous crime boss. Now that the legacy of The Sopranos doesn’t overshadow every potential Mafia movie, maybe it’s safe for Hollywood to get back into the “family” business?

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