Was Beta Ray Bill In Guardians Of The Galaxy? Here’s What James Gunn Says

Director James Gunn has already done his part shutting down rumors of Adam Warlock's cocoon appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy - saying that it was just a cool looking item that he picked at random - but what about the rumors of Beta Ray Bill? Fans have been saying for months that the horse-faced alien appears in the museum of The Collector - but now the director is shutting those talks down as well.

With Guardians of the Galaxy now available for digital download, a fan has sent James Gunn a screencap from the Marvel film, asking the filmmaker to officially confirm or deny that Beta Ray Bill is sitting in one of The Collector's many display cases. Gunn's response can be seen below:

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Because the box only appears on screen for only a couple of frames, fans believed that what they were looking at in this image was a character wearing a long red cape - just like Beta Ray Bill does - but upon further inspection that's not actually what's featured. Instead, the mysterious figure appears to be wearing what looks like a red, sleeveless jumpsuit - which is rather unidentifiable. I think we can call this rumor busted.

Surely many of you are now scratching your heads wondering, "Who the hell is Beta Ray Bill?" - and I'm happy to explain! An alien from the species known as the Korbinites, Beta Ray Bill is largely known from Thor comics and is one of the very few non-Asgardian characters in the Marvel universe to ever be deemed worthy of carrying and using Thor's hammer, Mjolnir:

Beta Ray Bill

The tale of Beta Ray Bill is a great one and would be very interesting to someday see play out on the big screen - but whether or not that will ever happen is a complete mystery. I kind of doubt it, but perhaps he could wind up squeezing his way into the epic events of Thor: Ragnarok? Certainly one of the biggest challenges in bringing the character to live action is simply his appearance - as he is definitely not the prettiest character Marvel has created. Still, I bet there's an ambitious filmmaker out there worthy of the task, at Marvel should be hunting them down.

Eric Eisenberg
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