Why Guardians Of The Galaxy References Adam Warlock And What It Means

There are all kinds of fantastic Easter Eggs hidden within the Collector’s Museum in Guardians of the Galaxy. There’s Dark Elves, Chitauri, Frost Giants, and even special appearances from Howard The Duck, Cosmo the Spacedog and the slugs from Slither. Of all the items, though, there is one that Marvel fans have been speculating about for months: the giant cocoon. Many have wondered if organic growth chamber could be the one that belongs to the heroic Marvel Comics character Adam Warlock – but was that director James Gunn’s original intention?

According to the director’s most recent comments, they may not be. Speaking during a Q&A session held yesterday to promote the upcoming release of Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD and Blu-ray, Gunn was asked if it was specifically Adam Warlock’s cocoon that can be seen in the movie (and in the post-credits sequence of Thor: The Dark World), and the filmmaker revealed that the choice to include the cocoon in the set design was actually just a tad bit random. Said the filmmaker,

"Yeah, there’s a cocoon that’s exactly like Adam Warlock’s. I wasn’t really thinking that much when I put that in. That was my idea to put that in there. They’re like, ‘What should we put in?" So I went in the Marvel handbook and like just picked cool things that looked neat to put into the boxes. It looked like Adam’s Warlock cocoon, so now everyone thinks he’s out of there and you know… I don’t know.

What that last line is referring to is in regard to the second post-credits sequence, featuring The Collector, Cosmo and Howard The Duck. Some fans have said that the sequence features a shot of the aforementioned cocoon burst open, which they have taken to mean that Adam Warlock is out of hibernation and could appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. While Gunn didn’t deny this, the fact that the pod’s inclusion was rather random suggests that it perhaps isn’t part of some master plan.

In fact, James Gunn went on to say that there are some instances of fan speculation that simply go too , and that some people are merely seeing what they want to see. Added Gunn,

" There’s a lot of stuff in there and there’s also a lot of things that people think they see that I don’t think is in there – unless the visual effects guys were pulling tricks on me… which they could have!"

The good news is that it won’t be long until fans will have the opportunity to pick Guardians of the Galaxy apart frame-by-frame, as the Blu-ray and DVD will be in stores on December 9th. Only then will we be able to separate the truth from the fiction.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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