Watch This Brilliant Glengarry Glen Ross And Wolf Of Wall Street Trailer Splice

When it comes to the masters of profanity, there are three people at the top of the heap: Armando Iannucci, Martin Scorsese, and David Mamet. Mamet in particular made a name for his sweary dialogue in the play turned film Glengarry Glen Ross. It was a film full of vulgar words spoken by vulgar men, trying to screw each other over for a buck. Wait a minute, that sounds oddly familiar doesn't it?

If you think you're having a little bit of deja vu from this trailer, courtesy of Indiewire, then you might be right. Vimeo user/editor Richard Trammell crafted this revamped look at greed in the 80's by pairing it with the soundtrack to a trailer also about greed in the 80's. The Wolf of Wall Street just won't go away, even this long after the Academy handed down its decisions, and this trailer is a welcome addition to the throng of media celebrating what an impression the film has left on our minds.

The only draw back to this trailer is that there's no actual Wolf footage spliced into the film, which could have been a rather easy feat considering the similar look of the two films. But that's a small note compared to the fact that we have a glimpse into what Glengarry might look like if it were marketed to modern audiences. In fact, besides the thematic similarities, the dialogue really does lend itself to such a presentation as this one, without giving too much of the film away. Mr. Trammell's editing prowess is clean and crisp, altering the film enough to fit the music but not enough to sound awkward. Also, ending the trailer with the matter of fact tag of "Already Came" is a perfectly sarcastic note to end this real closer of a trailer.

For comparison purposes, check out the original trailer to Glengarry Glen Ross, which honestly sounds like it was scored by a Casio electronic piano:

As a bonus, we'll throw in another piece of Trammell's that's drawn him some acclaim. It's his mashup of the trailer to Her with the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman standing in for the sultry Scarlett Johannson. Needless to say, it works really really well, and while it's not a brand new Cadillac, or a set of steak knives, it's worth the time.

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