The Wolf Of Wall Street Honest Trailer Is Effing Brilliant

The Wolf of Wall Street was one of 2013's biggest successes. It gained a ton of award nominations. It was Martin Scorsese's most profitable picture to date, and it was a damned fun time at the movies. If there was an Academy Award Nominee that the Internet Meme Machine latched onto with all of its love, support, and laughter, it was definitely this one. With that in mind, we come here this evening to honor The Wolf's greatest Internet honor yet. It's not the GIF of the sexy nursery scene. It's not the many GIFs with an Oscar being positioned outside of Leo's grasp through various struggles seen in the film. It isn't even that really funny video where someone dubbed old Bennihana commercials with audio from the film. It's the Friar's Club Roast of internet trailer reviews: The Screen Junkies' Honest Trailer.

That's right, the people that love to skewer those mini movies designed to sell us the next big thing are back with what's probably one of, if not, the best Honest Trailers they've ever assembled. Make no mistake, this trailer picks apart the film as much as any other movie they've ever sent up the river. The profanity, the excessive length, even the Scorsese/DiCaprio bromance are all taken apart and made into grist for comedic gold. They even crack a couple really good jokes at the expense of Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey, for obvious reasons that are better stated in the context of this video.

And yet, a trailer like this makes us love this movie even more, simply because it understands what makes the movie work and plays them up as valuable assets to the film's image. Serious trailers try to sell a movie based on their marketability, as well as their thematic content. Those are the trailers made to sell the movie as a commodity, not an entertainment experience. If you want a trailer that sells this movie as a humorous exercise in masterful film-making, that just happens to be replete with profanity, nudity, and loose living; then you may as well hit the Repeat button on this puppy and settle in for the night.

In case you forgot what the actual trailer was like, or if you've got Black Skinhead running through your head (and we can't blame you if you do), here's the trailer that started it all. Still a fantastic specimen of a trailer, but we can't help but side with the version that tries to out swear the source material.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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