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Watch Every Easter Egg From Guardians Of The Galaxy

While Easter eggs are nothing new to the film industry, it seems that they've almost become a standard feature in any film that wants to be a franchise. While others have been dipping their toes in the practice, the best purveyor for hidden references these days is still Marvel Studios. Recently we ran a video that ran all of the Marvel Easter Eggs up to Thor: The Dark World, and now we have a video that helps add to the collection of clues linking Marvel Studios' films of the present to properties from the company's past and possible future.

Mr. Sunday Movies is at it again with his series of videos that'll show you "every easter egg" in the films of his choosing. This week, it's Guardians Of The Galaxy's turn under the scope, and as usual there's some obvious picks as well as some surprisingly obscure references. In the realm of the obvious, the video reminds us of how Howard The Duck appears in the post-credits sequence, that Stan Lee is the "creepy old guy" hitting on a woman during Rocket and Groot's introductions, and that Star Lord's initial heist of this film's Infinity Stone is reminiscent to the opening of Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

That's not what you came here to read though. You came here for the deep cuts, the stuff that you might not have noticed or needed confirmation that you actually saw what you thought you saw in Guardians Of The Galaxy. With that in mind, please enjoy the following list of bullet pointed (and, of course possibly spoiled) Easter eggs:

Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Eggs

- Allegedly, there's a slug from Slither somewhere in the film.

- Rocket and Peter have a "purse/bag" exchange that's oddly reminiscent of another Bradley Cooper: The Hangover, which oddly enough could tie into another Indiana Jones reference, if you dig one step deeper.

- The Infinity Stone in Guardians Of The Galaxy is most likely the "Power" stone, though it's not mentioned in the film by name. Among some of the entries into The Collector's collection are a cocoon possibly featuring Adam Warlock, a Dark Elf from Thor: The Dark World,and (deeply speculated) Beta Ray Bill!

There's plenty more Guardians Of The Galaxy easter eggs where that came from, so it's advised you watch the entire video. Of course, our Marvel Easter Egg still has a gap in its knowledge set, which can be filled by watching this other video from Mr. Sunday Movies detailing the easter eggs dropped into Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Now that there's a more complete easter egg database for you Marvel fans, you can feel free to revisit the films armed with the knowledge to find these special references and impress your friends. This will especially come in handy if you see Guardians Of The Galaxy again this week, but if you do, please avoid talking loudly during the film. Yes, we know Howard The Duck is a pretty big deal, but no one else is going to be able to laugh at his one-liners if you're loudly pointing out his presence.

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