Watch Jonah Hill And A Surprise Guest Spoof Her On SNL

One sign that your movie has permeated our pop culture? Saturday Night Live skewers you in a spoof short. So congratulations to the Oscar-nominated Her, because host Jonah Hill ribbed you over the weekend in the spot-on clip Me. Watch it above, via NBC’s YouTube page.

The jokes are obvious in spots, picking on the high-waisted fashion of Spike Jonze’s futuristic love story, or lampooning the inherent creepiness of Hill’s character – and, by extension, Joaquin Phoenix’s character – having sex with an operating system. The bigger joke, however, is that Hill sometimes gets roasted by his colleagues for having a bit of an ego, so having a short where Hill falls in love with an OS with his own voice is like a meta insult carried out by Jonah Hill, himself. And with that, the serpent has swallowed its own tail.

But wait! Stick around long enough, and Me becomes a Superbad reunion, as Michael Cera stops by to play a surrogate lover in a deeply disturbing love scene. And when you consider all of the subliminal undertones beneath the bromance in Superbad, this just feels like the culmination of a decades-long romance between Hill and Cera.

Cera wasn’t the only all-star joining Hill on SNL Saturday night. During his monologue, the two-time Oscar nominee was joined by his Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, who had words of warning about keeping one’s ego in check. Then they did a Titanic homage. It was adorable.

Wolf and Her are competing for various Oscars this awards season, so it’s fun to see players of one film gently swiping at a "rival." See both, if you haven’t yet. We’ve also had some sun Her goodies drop recently, including a free stream of the movie’s brilliant score.

"her" Score by Arcade Fire from colinjburke on 8tracks Radio.

Then tune in to see how both movies do during the Oscars on March 2.

Sean O'Connell
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