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Normally around this time of year, Disney would be gearing up to release another one of their nature documentaries under their DisneyNature banner. Last year, we got Monkey Kingdom, and this year we'll be getting their latest offering, Born In China. But what if Disney went a little more, shall we say, exotic with their subject matter? Well then you'd probably see something like the Jurassic Park inspired Raptor documentary shown in the parody video below.

As you'd expect, this video is a prank, coming from Mashable Watercooler. However, don't let the comedic nature take away from the fact that this is a sharply constructed parody of a typical DisneyNature trailer. In "Raptors," we follow Littletail – a young Raptor born to the wilds of Jurassic Park. From birth to young womanhood, she embarks on a journey 65 million years in the making, as she learns to follow her instincts, and her heart. It looks rather heartwarming, considering the raptors throughout the Jurassic Park franchise have been known to be bloodthirsty, vicious, and sometimes loyal predators.

While everybody knows that Jurassic Park and its various creatures are not exactly the cuddliest of attractions, it must be noted that the nature documentary created in the confines of the mock trailer for "Raptors" actually comes off as a rather lighthearted affair. Using nothing but footage from the various installments of the Jurassic Park franchise, there's no maulings, or vicious pouncing in the long grass here, just a fun-loving creature and her path to self-discovery. Just as the InGen investors would want you to believe, these creatures are more than safe to visit at an isolated island theme park.
"Raptors" is the type of mockumentary that we'd love to see made into a full-length feature, especially if it meant we could look forward to more Jurassic Park attractions being given similar treatment. Imagine a Tyrannosaurus Rex and an Indominous Rex, being raised at the same time in the new Jurassic World park. Could they get along? Who would make the first strike? Would their eventual battle be as adorable as a pair of kittens attacking each other on your living room couch? If "Raptors" can show us a softer side of a vicious killer, surely these two foes could have a friendship for the ages.

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