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Between his performances in Ride Along and Think Like A Man Too, Kevin Hart made audiences laugh quite a bit in the first half of 2014, and pushed his star further up in its rise. Around the same time Ride Along was making a boatload of money for Universal, Josh Gad was still yucking it up as the magical snowman Olaf in Disney's highest grossing movie ever, Frozen. Now it looks like they're going to try and merge their fates into one, gigantic comedic venture that could spawn a lot more opportunities for the two - including a possible franchise.

Yahoo exclusively scooped up the new trailer to The Wedding Ringer, a movie in which Gad plays a groom with no friends to be there for him on his big day. Having no other options, he hires Jimmy (Hart), a man who does this sort of thing for a living and hasn't failed yet. Of course, that's all about to change, as bromantic comedies of this ilk seem to operate purely on Murphy's Law - which means that Murphy must have set his grandmother on fire at one point in his life, as this trailer shows comedy legend Cloris Leachman on the wrong end of a flaming pratfall.

What's interesting about this trailer is the fact that it accidentally sounds like they're trying to sell a fake wedding, instead of a fake friendship. The trailer literally says, "They're about to discover, to pull off a fake wedding, it takes a real friend." Yet the start of the movie shows a real wedding about to happen and a fake friend being drafted into the mix. That's kind of a confusing sell for a bromantic comedy that's just looking to have fun, isn't it? Wonky marketing aside, The Wedding Ringer looks like a movie that'll probably clean up in an off season slot next January (the same time frame that Ride Along found success in). Its the type of low budget/high return film that makes and enriches careers like Kevin Hart's, while also helping Josh Gad put himself out there as well.

Getting back to my earlier point, it wouldn't be altogether surprising to see this film spawn a sequel similar to that of Father Of The Bride Part II, which would probably have Gad facing down impending fatherhood or something along those lines. Thisis exactly the type of prospect that Sony needs after falling on their faces this past summer with the one two gut punch that were The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Sex Tape. With 23 Jump Street also in the works, Sony looks to be turning itself into the laugh factory of Hollywood (though for right now that only applies where their accountants are concerned).

The Wedding Ringer sets to trip its way down the aisle on January 16, 2015.