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Watch Kids Try To Explain This Year's Best Picture Nominees, Fail Adorably

With the Academy Awards right around the corner, it seems like everyone you meet has one opinion or another about which movie is the best, who deserves an Oscar, and who will walk away with the most coveted trophy in Hollywood when the ceremony roles around on Sunday. This is the time of year where random strangers will talk your ear off about their impressions of the nominees, and this isn’t just limited to adults either. Take a look at this new video where children attempt to explain the plot of the Best Picture nominees, and fail in the most adorable fashion.

This video from Fandango Movieclips asks youngsters to explain the plots of all of the movies up for the Best Picture Academy Award this year, and if you assume that most of these kids have not seen these films, and have no idea what they’re about, you are correct. Their answers, however, are still cute as all hell, and I would watch at least a couple of them.


Take Mad Max: Fury Road for example. The people chasing them across the post-apocalyptic desert are just so angry because they want to take a nap. Many of us also get cranky when we’re tired, and though most of us don’t set off across the wasteland in a heavily armored battlewagon, I’m sure there are those who have considered it.

Although you may have guessed something completely different, did you know that Brooklyn actually has nothing to do with the borough of New York of the same name? As surprising as this may be, it’s really about a young woman who goes to Hollywood and gets a job at the Disney store.

The reason bridges make such good spies that the Steven Spielberg made Bridge of Spies about them is, interestingly enough, because they don’t have mouths and aren’t like us human beings. Who knew?


Perhaps the most shocking revelation in this video, however, is that The Revenant has nothing to do with a bear. In fact, Revenant is the name of an elephant. And here I thought it was about a bear trying to eat Leonardo DiCaprio (or DiCarpio, depending on who you ask) this whole time.

Out of all the kids in this video, however, one does correctly summarize the plot of The Martian. Ridley Scott’s survival epic is in fact about a guy stranded on Mars with no food and no water. Sure, it stars Matt Damon, not, as the little boy says, John F. Kennedy, but he’s at least in the right ballpark; JFK was totally down with the space race, so he’s not that far off.

We’ll see who walks away with Oscar gold when the Academy Awards are presented this Sunday.