Watch Quicksilver Fight Captain America In New Avengers: Age Of Ultron Clip

We are so close to seeing a new Avengers 2 trailer! In fact, if you want to speed up that process, do what Marvel suggests and start tweeting with the hashtag #AvengersAssemble. While you’re doing that, though, Entertainment Tonight has some exclusive new footage from the highly anticipated sequel. Most exciting of all is that we get to see more of Quicksilver in action. Check out this footage of him battling Captain America!

Quicksilver attacks Captain America

The footage from ET is pretty lengthy and it’s packed with new scenes, like Cap overlooking the Johannesburg, South Africa set where Joss Whedon filmed the big Hulk vs. Hulkbuster battle, as well as a full line-up of the team standing in that mysterious house we still know nothing about. Amid all these bits strewn together — they cut it for TV, so we’ll have to make due with it now — is the above moment of Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver taking a major swing at our star-spangled Avenger.

We first saw "the twins," Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver, in the clutches of Hydra villain Baron von Strucker in the mid-credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The Maximoff siblings emerged as the only survivors of his experiments, but they did so with powers the likes of which the Avengers have never faced. We’ve already seen Bryan Singer’s version of this character in X-Men: Days of Future Past, so you already know what his power is: the ability to move really, really fast. He may not have super-strength, but if he throws a punch at Cap’s face while moving at the speed of a careening car, then the First Avenger's gonna be sore in the morning.

As for Wanda, played by Johnson’s Godzilla co-star Elizabeth Olsen, she has an array of abilities. In the comics, her powers are magical and serve to alter reality, making her one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. In the film, Whedon said that the magic factor will remain, and her various tricks include telekinesis (we saw her commanding some floating blocks in the mid-credits scene) and mind manipulation. You can see this latter ability in the GIF below, as she starts messing with the mind of Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson).

Scarlet Witch attacks Black Widow

This explains a lot of the questionable scenes we saw in previous Avengers 2 trailers. Why is Thor wallowing half-naked in a pool of water? Why is Captain America reliving his vintage days? Why is Hulk buggin’ out all of a sudden? Why is Black Widow reliving her days at the Black Widow assassin training academy? Wanda!

There’s a few more bits of footage to be seen in the above, so check it out while we wait ever so patiently for that new Avengers 2 trailer to drop.