Watch As Ralph Macchio Tries To Drink His Way Back To Fame

With the new Karate Kid opening this weekend a lot of you are probably wondering whatever happened to the old Karate Kid. Ralph Macchio had a string of huge hits playing children in the 80s, appearing in The Outsiders and three successful Karate Kid movies between the years of 1983 and 1989. Then he just sort of vanished. Macchio kept working and off, doing bit parts in minor movies or bigger parts in movies no one would ever see. But his career seemed to end when he stopped playing a kid.

Now though, he’s poised for a comeback montage, and we’re rooting for him. It seems that the only thing holding him back all these years was that he’s simply too nice. Now that Robert Downey Jr.’s sober and Hugh Grant’s given up prostitutes, Hollywood wants a new celebrity disaster to market, and so Ralph Macchio’s going whoring.

Watch Ralph’s heroic struggle to get back to the top by hitting bottom, in the trailer for his new documentary below:

Josh Tyler