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Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy both attended the Academy Awards on Sunday evening as presenters, though they did not share the stage at any moment. Instead, they appeared in a clever Oscar-centric commercial for their summer buddy-cop comedy The Heat, playing up the wardrobe secret that’s helping keep Hollywood’s hottest talents in place on Oscar night. Check it out below:

Funny. That’s a good way to put the delayed film back on people’s radars while also making a joke at the expense of the show that’s currently going on. The Heat was due out in April. It’s now coming out on June 28. And it has a number of things working in its favor. McCarthy’s now a bona fide movie star, having powered Identity Thief to box-office glory. She’s no longer the Bridesmaids standout. She’ll likely pull in almost as much of an audience as Bullock.

But The Heat also carries some Bridesmaids heat of its own, considering that it’s director Paul Feig’s follow up to that Oscar-winning comedy. The buddy-cop formula used to kill back in the late ‘80s and early 1990s, when Tango and Cash were crushing skulls and the Lethal Weapon franchise had more sequels than was necessary. It deserves a comeback, and if Bullock and McCarthy can be the ones to help usher in that second wave, we’re all for it. The Heat opens everywhere on June 28. Do you think you’ll be checking it out?