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R-rated comedies are turning some major profits these days. This summer’s We’re the Millers was made on a $37 million budget and ended up turning a profit of over $238 million when including world wide numbers. If you have been waiting to catch the home entertainment release of We’re the Millers, you won’t have too much longer to wait. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is bringing the film onto Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital on November 19.


The film follows David (Jason Sudeikis), a low level drug dealer who, through a comedy of errors, ends up owing money to his boss. To pay back the debt, David hatches a scheme to smuggle quite a bit of marijuana back from Mexico. To bring the drugs back unobtrusively, he hires a crew of random people to fake being his family, including a stripper named Rose (Jennifer Aniston), a runaway named Casey (Emma Roberts) and David’s neighbor, Kenny (Will Poulter). Obviously, it can be pretty difficult to fake being a part of a family unit, and in the case of the Millers, shenanigans ensue. Luckily, some of those shenanigans involve Parks and Rec actor Nick “I call this turf and turf” Offerman.

The Blu-ray copy of the flick will come with an extended cut of the film, which means it may be worth paying a few extras dollars to nab the movie in HD. Note this is an extended cut rather than an unrated cut, so it sounds as if there will be several comedic scenes added rather than the random flashes of nudity typically favored by unrated cuts, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see to officially find out. According to the studio, the extended cut will run for 119 minutes while the theatrical edition is only 110 minutes, so it looks like we'll be getting nine minutes of extra footage, and we'll let you know as soon as we know what sort of footage that will entail.

In addition to the extended footage the release will offer, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is offering a slew of bonus features, including some of the usual suspects with comedy releases, like outtakes and a gag reel. I actually really enjoy watching comedians ad lib in these sorts of segments, but if that isn’t your thing, you can always check out some of the actual featurettes the set will offer, as well. You can pre-order We’re the Millers over at Amazon or check out the complete list of bonus features, below.

We’re the Millers Blu-ray Combo Pack Extras
  • Extended Cut of the Film
  • Miller’s Unleashed – Outtakes Overload
  • “Extreme Aniston”
  • “The Miller Makeovers”
  • “Road Trippin’ with the Millers”
  • “Don’t Suck Venom”
  • “Getting Out of Sticky Situation”
  • “I Am Pablo Chacon”
  • “Rollin’ in the RV”
  • “Livin’ It Up with Brad”
  • “When Paranoia Sets In”
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gags & More Outtakes

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