The League: The Complete Season 4 DVD
The League has always been a consistently funny series and Season 4 is no exception. Coming off of an epic Season 3 finale, I wasn’t certain that FX’s comedy would have the chops to be bold in Season 4, but right off the bat, fans are in for some hilarious plotlines, including the wrath of Shiva and a fantasy football league bet to name Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi) and Jenny’s (Katie Aselton) baby.

Though the series follows the antics of a group of friends whose lives revolve around a fantasy football league, there are actually a lot more plotlines revolving around the character’s families in Season 4. I chalk most of this up to the pregnancy plotline, but Ruxin’s (Nick Kroll) wife Sofia (Nadine Velazquez) also pops up in a whopping five episodes in the season and his dad (played by Jeff Goldblum) even makes an appearance. More family isn’t a bad thing, and it means The League has a little more going on in terms of plot than is typical.

Jenny and Kevin’s baby problems are not the only great moments in Season 4, however. Shiva actually shows up at Andre’s (Paul Scheer) home to curse the guys in the group stating, “This league does not have the Shiva’s blessing. This year will go badly.” Other humorous plotlines revolve around Taco’s hijinks, which include squatting in people’s homes and on website addresses.

Season 4 offers us 13 episodes full of plotlines similar to these, and while that isn’t a ton of episodes, both the Blu-ray and DVD sets are on sale for a reasonable cost over at Amazon.

Best Special Feature: The League is often a collection of loosely related scenes featuring the guys riffing off one another. As such, the deleted scenes are awesome. Sometimes, deleted scenes are hard to follow and are dependent on knowing the context of the episode they correlate with, but that doesn’t really matter with this set. Additionally, the gag reel is worth a watch.

Other Special Features:
Extended Episodes
Gag Reel
Taco Tones
“Rafi’s Helpful Holiday Hints”
“Witchy Woman Podcast”
Alt Nation

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