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Comedian and actor Kevin Hart went from bit player to leading man over the last several months, starring in both Ride Along and About Last Night in a relatively short period of time. It’s the former that has made its way onto Blu-ray and DVD this week, telling a sort-of buddy cop story about a mysterious crime boss and cleaning up the streets of Atlanta.

Ride Along follows good-guy security guard Ben (Kevin Hart), a recent enrollee in the police academy who happens to have a gorgeous, likeable girlfriend (Tika Sumpter) and an almost brother-in-law named James (Ice Cube) who hates Ben’s rapid-fire dialogue and bumbling demeanor. To make matters worse, James is a detective, and he offers to bring Ben around for a ride along to show him how ill-suited he would be as a police officer. Of course, in this breezy, lesson-filled narrative, Ben has more to offer than meets the eye.

James might be a heavy hitter in the police department, but it’s clear from the beginning that this is Hart’s vehicle. Ice Cube is just along for the ride, willing to give Hart as many improvised moments as necessary and take a backseat as the straight man. Their relationship mostly works, providing a few funny and unusual moments in the buddy comedy canon. It’s Hart who is also impressive, playing the same fast-talking character we’re typically used to, but adding nuance to that performance as a chronic underachiever. He’s growing as an actor, and even if Ride Along isn’t the best vehicle to prove it, it’s still a reason to watch.

Best Special Feature:
It’s probably "Key & Cube’s Wild Ride". The featurette follows what basically amounts as a bromance between the two stars. They both bring something completely different to the table. Cube is a straight man. He’s stoic, forceful and intimidating. Hart is the exact opposite. He’s referred to as the Energizer Bunny because he never stops. The combination actually works quite well in the movie, and you can tell they realized that from the first day on set.

Other Bonus Features:
Alternate Ending
Deleted Scenes
Alternate Take
"An Explosive Ride"
"You Gonna Learn Today"
"Anatomy of the Big Blast"
Gag Reel
"It was a Good Day: On the Set of Ride Along"
"Atlanta: The Character"
Feature Commentary with Director Tim Story

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