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The latest Marvel movie, Thor: The Dark World, is a sequel to the 2011 flick Thor. It’s a movie that somehow manages to recapture the entertaining aspects of humans interacting with Asgardians, as well as pull in all the fan favorite characters, without telling the same fish out of water story this time around.

The flick is set two years after the Rainbow Bridge fell on Asgard. On Earth, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and her merry band of scientists (Kat Dennings, Stellan Skarsgard) have encountered portals linking worlds. On Asgard, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is in prison following the events of The Avengers, but a Dark Elf named Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) has come across a powerful weapon known as the aether and is hoping to wreak havoc on Asgard, with only Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his fellow fighters to protect the realm.

Thor’s fish out of water story brought a lot of interest and comedy to the story the first time around. Regardless, what’s most interesting about Marvel’s latest is the relationship between Thor and Loki, which has been tried and tested over the course of two prior films. This time around, the two brothers are forced to work together to defeat a common enemy, but Loki’s motives are always as convoluted as a winter storm, and the fast-paced narrative should keep fans on the edge of their seats throughout the film’s nearly 2-hour runtime.

If you already caught Alan Taylor’s film in theaters, there are still plenty of reasons to nab a copy of Walt Disney Home Entertainment’s film for yourself. "Marvel One-Shot: All Hail The King" was clearly the most anticipated bonus feature prior to the Blu-ray release of the flick, and it’s also the most exciting extra on the disc, catching Marvel fans up on what Trevor Slattery (Ben Kingsley) has been up to ever since he was captured during Iron Man 3. It’s a reasonably funny and telling extra and it sits nicely amongst the other bonus fodder the flick has to offer, including a slew of Deleted and Extended Scenes and an excellent featurette highlighting Thor & Loki’s ever-changing relationship (including footage from Hiddleston’s audition to play Thor).

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Other Bonus Features:
"A Brother’s Journey: Thor & Loki"
"Exclusive Look- Captain America: The Winter Soldier"
"Scoring Thor: The Dark World with Brian Tyler"
Deleted & Extended Scenes
Gag Reel
Audio Commentary with director Alan Taylor, producer Kevin Feige, actor Tom Hiddleston and cinematographer Kramer Morgenthau

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