Some attribute this weekend's record breaking opening of Skyfall to timing, as the movie breaks the doldrums of a very slow, dull October. Others suggest it's all the high end marketing and critical buzz around the latest Bond flick. Personally I'm giving credit to Adele for her near-chart-topping Bond song. Whatever explanations might be true, they had audiences packing out theaters this weekend to see what is being hailed as the best Bond movie ever.

With almost $88 million in the bank on its opening weekend, Skyfall enjoyed the largest domestic debut for a Bond movie (impressive given that there have been 23 of them). That topped previous franchise record holder Quantum of Solace's $67.5 million bow-in four years ago.

Add that to the on-fire sales Skyfall has been banking around the world and you get over $500 million in international sales. That puts the movie within less than $70 million of becoming the highest international grossing Bond movie of all time. In short, it's a good time to be Bond. Could it be Daniel Craig will replace Connery as the favored Bond in the hearts of a new generation of fans?

Lincoln enjoyed a highly successful small-release debut. Opening in just 11 venues it took in over $80,000 per theater for an almost $1 million start. While that's not enough to crack the top ten it's a good sign the movie will be a hit when it opens wide next week.

For the full weekend top ten, check out the chart below:

Skyfall * $87,800,000 Total: $90,000,000 LW: N WR: 1
THTRS: 3,505
Wreck-It Ralph $33,056,000 Total: $93,690,000 LW: 1 WR: 2
THTRS: 3,752
Flight $15,100,000 Total: $47,770,000 LW: 2 WR: 2
THTRS: 2,047
Argo $6,745,000 Total: $85,711,000 LW: 3 WR: 5
THTRS: 2,763
Taken 2 $4,000,000 Total: $131,287,000 LW: 5 WR: 6
THTRS: 2,487
Here Comes the Boom $2,550,000 Total: $39,061,000 LW: 9 WR: 5
THTRS: 2,044
Cloud Atlas $2,525,000 Total: $22,712,000 LW: 6 WR: 3
THTRS: 2,023
Pitch Perfect $2,504,000 Total: $59,030,000 LW: 11 WR: 7
THTRS: 1,391
The Man with the Iron Fists $2,490,000 Total: $12,718,000 LW: 4 WR: 2
THTRS: 1,872
Hotel Transylvania $2,350,000 Total: $140,904,000 LW: 7 WR: 7
THTRS: 2,566

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