Weird Al Is Making Another Movie

This is going to make me look like a HUGE nerd, but I'm going to admit it anyway: I have enjoyed the work of Weird Al Yankovic ever since I first heard "Amish Paradise" when I was in middle school. I like "Fat," "Lump," "Smells Like Nirvana," and "White & Nerdy." I've spent more hours than I'm willing to admit watching UHF. It is for this reason that I am ecstatic that he's making a new movie.

Weird Al himself took to his blog to make the announcement, both revealing his plans and giving himself a rather pushy personal Q&A session. It's all part of the Cartoon Network deal announced yesterday. But the deal is apparently for much more than just television programming. Also involved is a feature film. Here's how Weird Al broke down the basic details without giving much away.

1) He is writing the script, which is now in its third draft, though it hasn't been green-lit yet.

2) He will be directing the film.

3) It is not a sequel to UHF (Dammit)

4) It is not about Winston Churchill (Dammit)

5) He will not star, rather it will most likely a teenager. Instead, he will just be "making an appearance."

6) The earliest that production will begin is in the Fall after he is done touring.

That's all we know for now, so I'm leaving you with Wheel of Fish. Don't be stupid like Weaver. Always stick with the red snapper. Feel free to abuse me in the comments section.

Eric Eisenberg
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