Every movie ever made can be improved by replacing the original stars with dogs. Talking dogs, preferably. There’s an entire Air Bud franchise that backs it up. This isn’t opinion. It’s science. And so while we’re wiling to admit that this year’s crop of Oscar-nominated films – from Lincoln and Argo to Zero Dark Thirty -- are fine movies in their own right, there’s no way that the current versions are better than what we might have seen if the Best Picture nominees were cast with dogs.

The geniuses at TheFW.com did us an enormous favor by adding dogs to the posters of the Best Picture nominees. So Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained becomes Django Unleashed, and Ben Affleck’s thriller becomes Arffgo. Hysterical. These are my three favorites. Click here to see the rest.

Because I’m a Schnauzer owner, I’m thrilled to see an over-reliance of German pups in the posters. The joy is in the little details on each poster, as well. I mean, Daniel Dog Lewis is easy. But the Argo poster boasts “performances” by Ben Arffleck, Ala Arfkin and John Good Dog. It’s also from the director of The Pound. That’s brilliant.

We have an annual dog show on Thanksgiving now, following the Macy’s Day Parade. I think we now need to kick-start a tradition of putting dogs in Oscar movies for a sketch program that airs the day after the Oscars. It can replace Oprah’s regular “interview the winners” telecast. It would be the highest-rated show of all time.

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