Can you tell that the kid in this clip has something to hide? In case the title didn't tip you off, this exclusive clip from What Richard Did will definitely tell you that our hero Richard is facing some serious consequences for his actions in this Irish drama, which opens at New York City's Cinema Village today, May 10. When I saw the film at the Tribeca Film Festival last month I sat in suspense for the first half of the film, terrified to find out what it is that Richard did. When the reveal comes, the drama becomes all the more effective and moving; reviewing it from the festival I praised its intuition for emotion, and its portrait of what happens to a group of fairly good kids when one thing goes terribly wrong.

And what really blew me away was the lead performance from Jack Reynor, who you see at the center of this clip as Richard, the golden boy who finds himself coping with crushing guilt. It wasn't just the Tribeca Film Festival audience that noticed Reynor's strong performance-- Michael Bay saw the movie before deciding to cast him in the upcoming Transformers 4. That's right: you're getting a sneak peek at a performance that helped a guy get a job fighting evil robots. You're looking at a sneak peek of a low-key drama that Michael Bay actually liked! What more could you need to know?

You can also catch What Richard Did on VOD, and you can click here to learn more about it.

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