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What Would Nicolas Cage Have Looked Like If He Played Superman?

Those familiar with comic book movie lore likely know the tale of Tim Burton's failed Superman Lives. In the late 1990s the Batman director decided to try and take another stab at the superhero genre, and while his version of the Man of Steel never actually made it to theaters, it actually did make some serious progress in pre-production, most notably casting Nicolas Cage in the lead role and both designing and creating a new version of the suit.

Thanks to the power of the internet, these details have never been lost, however. A few years ago special effects creator Steven Johnson actually released images of the re-designed suit, and a couple months after that we even got to see some actual test footage. But pictures of Cage in the suit have actually been hard to come by - despite the fact that it's been confirmed that he did go in for a fitting. So what did he look like in the full get-up?

Thanks to the DCU Movie Page Twitter feed (via CBM) we now know. The site has posted what looks like an authentic image of Cage suited up as Superman, though its worth noting that the costume doesn't really look much like the one we saw previously (but it definitely looks realer than this one from a few years ago). Check out the image below.

But that's not the only Superman Lives news of the day.. Our sci-fi sister site Giant Freakin Robot has picked up on a new Kickstarter aiming to fund a documentary about the failed superhero movie - and if you've ever seen this clip from An Evening With Kevin Smith you already know the great potential that the project has. You can see the full Kickstarter page HERE and watch a video about the fundraiser below:

Cage has now had two chances to try and become a superhero, but both Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance were both big misses that significantly disappointed comic book fans. But looking at him in the Supes costume, do you think you could have pulled it off?

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