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Who Would Win In A Fight Between Star-Lord And Captain America, According to Chris Pratt

There is quite possibly no geek debate more well known than the "Who Would Win" discussion. The structure is simple. Pick two (or more) iconic characters from your favorite genres, how disparate they are is no matter, and pit them in a theoretical battle against each other. Now argue until you’re blue in the face over who would win the fight. Some amount of justification, however minor, is required. Chris Pratt was just asked who would win a fight between Star-Lord and Captain America and his answer...won’t even surprise you a little bit.

Chris Pratt was being interviewed by Comic Book Resources, as part of the Jurassic World media tour, when he was asked the oldest of all questions. His answer, well, it makes a ton of sense actually:

Hopefully, you’ll find out one day. Steve Rogers would kick the shit out of Peter Quill in a fair fight, but I don’t think Quill and the Guardians fight fair. I would put my money on Quill. If it was a straight UFC match, Captain America wins 100 out of 100 times. But, when you have Rocket Raccoon, who has your back, and he can take apart an air conditioner and turn it into a nuclear weapon, you have an ace in the hole.

Fights between superheroes have been some of the highlights of comics for decades. Now, they’re a major part in the successful run of comic films. We’ve seen Iron Man, Thor and Captain America all go at it in the first Avengers and the Iron Man/Hulk battle was a key part of Age of Ultron. Heck, DC is making an entire movie out of the idea of Batman v. Superman although we don’t expect the entire movie will be a fight scene. God we hope not.

Since we fully expect the Guardians of the Galaxy crew to cross paths with the Avengers at some point (probably during the Infinity War) it’s entirely possible we may even see this fight take place at some point. You’d have to agree with Pratt that Star-Lord would need help to defeat Captain America, though you’d have to assume he’d get it. We don’t know how Drax compares to Cap in the strength department, and would he even know what to do about a manic raccoon and a walking tree?

What do you think? Does Star-Lord take down The First Avenger with a little help from his friends, or does Captain America wipe the floor with the poor guy? Guardians vs. Avengers? What do the odds makers have on that? We'd be willing to put down a few bucks on it.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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