Why Captain America Needs To Connect With Bucky In Civil War

From the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War, we saw that the entire movie is going to come down to the relationship between Captain America and his old friend Bucky Barnes. We saw in the previous film as well that as soon as Steve Rogers realizes who the Winter Soldier really is, he tries to break through to him. Now, co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo have spoken more about the relationship between the two characters and why it’s important to the message of next summer's Civil War.

As part of the promotion of a new film studio in Beijing, China the directors of Captain America: Civil War spoke with the Chinese press and of course the topic of the next film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a major question. In a nearly indecipherable interview posted to the YouTube page anily, the Russo brothers spoke about why Bucky is so important to Captain America as to lead him down the path that Civil War takes him.

The bond between them is very strong, [which is] what motivates the storytelling. These are both characters that came from nothing. Captain America was basically an orphan, and Bucky’s family took him in. When he went to sleep for several years, he lost everything that was dear to him. And when he took the serum and became Captain America, he gave away a large part of himself for a patriotic cause. So, you have a character who is searching for the only thing that he has left from his past… and that’s Bucky.

While the relationship may seem simple, it actually explains a great deal of Cap’s motivation in the new movie. As Tony Stark says, he used to be Rogers' friend once, too. But the relationship with Bucky is about more than simply their friendship. Captain America is still a fish out of water in the modern world. He’s made peace with the fact that he’s there but he obviously still doesn’t fit in. Bucky is his one connection to his previously life. If he can have his friendship with Bucky again, then maybe he can recapture a small part of his previous life. His friendship with Black Widow just can’t compete with any of that. Check out the full interview below.

From what we see in the trailer it looks like these two old friends are going to be going to the wall together. We’re looking forward to seeing if the old magic from The First Avenger is still there when these guys work together again.

Dirk Libbey
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