Why Chris Hemsworth Isn't Bothered By His Marvel Contract At All

Despite all of the incredible success that Marvel Studios has had over the last seven or so years, there are still actors out there who have been hesitant about the idea of working with them. In recent months, we’ve seen reports about actors getting into talks with the comic book company only to balk at the idea of signing long multi-picture deals – the performers fearing that locking themselves to a role might prevent them from pursuing other creative endeavors. Of course, that isn’t guaranteed to happen, and one need look no further than the career of Chris Hemsworth for proof that it can actually have the opposite effect.

With Blackhat out in theaters this weekend, I recently had an opportunity to sit down for an interview with the Australian star, and broached the conversation about the controversial long-term Marvel contracts. Instead of seeing any negative side to his deal with the comic book company, Hemsworth revealed that his extended time playing the God of Thunder has only benefited his career, and actually delivered him the opportunities to work on one of his most prestigious projects thus far. He explained,

"I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me it’s been nothing but a blessing to do the Marvel stuff. It opened up every door available to me. Right back after Thor when I did Rush, Ron [Howard] had seen Thor and saw something there and met with me. That was the beginning of that."

To take his comments a step further, Chris Hemsworth also explained that fulfilling his commitment to Marvel isn’t actually that big a deal because the projects are spread far enough apart that there is actually plenty of time for him to pursue other interests, genres and roles. You can watch his full response in the video below:

Obviously not every actor who gets involved with a multi-picture contract with Marvel Studios is going to have the same exact experience that Chris Hemsworth has had, but at the same time it’s pretty hard to argue with the extracurricular work he’s been able to do when he’s not playing Thor. In addition to Rush and working with Ron Howard (who he’s reteamed with for the upcoming In The Heart of the Sea), he also was able to do Blackhat and have the opportunity to work with the great Michael Mann. He’s even simultaneously able to headline other franchises, as we will soon see him lead the new Snow White and the Huntsman spin-off currently simply known as The Huntsman. That’s not too shabby!

Blackhat arrives in theaters this weekend, and you’ll next be able to see Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Joss Whedon’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will be in theaters May 1st.

Eric Eisenberg
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