Why That Hermione and Ron Kiss Was The Worst, According To Rupert Grint

One of the most awkward moments anyone can face down in their adolescence is a possible romantic encounter with the friend you're so close to you that they're basically a relative. Well, Rupert Grint had probably the most awkward case of this phenomenon himself – as his kiss with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 co-star Emma Watson triggered some unusual discomfort.

While attending this year's "Celebration Of Harry Potter" event in Orlando, the recent star of Moonwalkers spoke with People Magazine. It was there that Grint told them the story about their big kissing scene towards the end of the series' final installment, and his beautifully awkward story ran as follows:

I’ve known Emma since she was literally 9 years old and we had this very brother-sister relationship. It just felt very surreal. I have a memory of her face getting closer and closer. Like, ‘Oh my God.’ I can’t really remember anything apart from that.

The big moment between Rupert Grint's Ron and Emma Watson's Hermione was a long awaited treat for fans of the Harry Potter franchise, as all throughout the books the romance between the two characters was methodically built towards that eventual moment of payoff. Yet even as fans of their own work, there was that personal factor that made Grint and Watson's actual production of said moment less than ideal. Everyone could see it, even back when Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released on home video, which included footage of the adorably wonky moment on the set. The most interesting part about all of this is that while this revelation isn't exactly new, it does strike a different chord after J.K. Rowling's constant stream of revelations from her writing process.

Consider for a moment Rowling's statements on how the relationship between Ron and Hermione was more of a wish fulfillment decision and not one of "credibility." Now consider that Grint and Watson had been playing these characters for so many years, getting to know every piece of their lives and basically becoming them for the screen. It seems like a really interesting coincidence that the Ron and Hermione of the screen indirectly mirror what could have been part of Rowling's feelings about the characters after everything was said and done. If you believe in magic, now's a good time to start spinning this occurrence as proof in the positive.

As the Harry Potter franchise is about to revive itself with the proposed prequel series, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, as well as the upcoming stage play Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, fans thoughts are both turned to the future and reflecting on the past. But much like those that they entertained for over a decade on screen, Rupert Grint and his co-stars will also be reliving the past in anticipation of the future – even if a new series of characters and actors are about to take the stage. It's stories like these that keep the lore of the series rich, while at the same time amusing those who may or may not agree that Ron and Hermione really didn't belong together. No matter which camp you belong in, you have to admit, it's a pretty funny story.

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