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With the Academy Awards only a few days away, and all ballots officially submitted, it’s all over but the counting. While many of the categories have no clear front-runner, a few of them have seemed to be as close to sure things as we can get. One of those that seemed like a pretty solid bet was Sylvester Stallone for his role in Creed. However, while he may be getting most of the votes, there’s at least one he didn’t receive. One anonymous voter says Stallone isn’t diverse enough.

The Hollywood Reporter has been running interviews with anonymous Oscar voters to see if they can figure out which way the wind is blowing. In the case of their most recent interview, a voter, described as "a member of the Academy's 216-person members-at-large branch," says that Sylvester Stallone was the first person they eliminated from the Best Supporting Actor category, because he doesn’t play roles, he plays himself.
I would eliminate Stallone first. All he can ever do is play Stallone, with the same accent, the same mannerisms, the same everything.

While Sylvester Stallone, who’s done more of his share of action movies over the years, has certainly been accused of playing the same role repeatedly, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that the original Rocky, for which Stallone also received an Oscar nomination, was the movie where the entire persona was started. Stallone absolutely has played this role before, but that’s because this was the seventh film in a series. If you don’t think his performance in Creed was different enough that’s fine, but the actor has certainly done a variety of roles in the past, he just doesn’t usually get award notice for them.

This story follows on the heels of a separate report that took another apparent Oscar favorite, The Revenant, and made its future look a little less clear. Interestingly, this voter was also not a huge fan of the Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle so it’s possible there is more division on that film among Oscar voters than we thought.

This nameless voter put his support behind Christian Bale for his The Big Short role for Best Supporting Actor. Who do you think should win the award on Sunday?