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Why So Serious? Joker Has Blown Up His Website

I’m tempted just to scream DARK KNIGHT DARK KNIGHT DARK KNIGHT in every news story on the site from now on, and be done with it. Because even though the number of Dark Knight news items breaking on a daily basis seems to have skyrocketed to unheard of proportions, nobody’s sick of it yet. I’ll just throw the name in everything we write. Somehow I don’t think you folks will mind. I on the other hand, can't take the waiting anymore. Come one, let me see this thing already!

This particular Dark Knight news item is not about me begging for an earlier screening however. Instead it's about the film’s viral site WhySoSerious, which seems to have undergone a makeover. The countdown clock there has run out, which means in theory the Joker’s bomb has gone off and he’s out there causing all kinds of trouble. If you head over there now and click on the timed out bomb, you’ll be whisked away into a world of Joker defacements and viral games. Take that Batman, you leather obsessed weirdo! The guy really could use some color in his life.